Soy Peruana…

To celebrate my Peruvian heritage i’d like to give you all a little recap of my saturday night out with family. My mother surprised me with a visit and told me I had fifteen minutes to get ready, she said “we’re going dancing.” The one thing I do love about Cleveland is what little culture they do have, and its latin culture is present depending on which side of town you are on. My mother took us to a restaurant named “Nazca” a restaurant that specialized in Peruvian cuisine. For many of you who do not know, Peru is best known throughout the world for its food, so you know when we arrived i did not hesitate when Monica told us to “order whatever, we never have the chance to eat this everyday.”

In any typical Peruvian setting, dinner is typically started off with an alcoholic drink so we went with the traditional Pisco Sour. Pisco is the national drink of Peru. It’s a kind of brandy, a delicious combination of pisco, lime juice, egg white and syrup with a touch of cinnamon. IMG_2581
Next, for an appetizer I ordered another nationally known dish called Causa Rellena with crab meat instead of the traditional chicken. This dish simply defined is potato layered on top of crab meat mixed with belgian hot pepper paste and avocado. My mother and my aunt went with a more risky choice called Anticuchos Peruanos, marinated beef heart. This dish was marinated in panca pepper, with a side of papa a la huancaina (potatoes with a delicious creamy yellow sauce made from peruvian yellow pepper, mixed with milk, feta cheese and eggs)  and the nationally known Peruvian corn (choclo) . From being tricked into thinking it was a steak kabob sometime in the past, I can admit that it was very different, extremely tender, almost odd because it’s nothing that you’ve ever experienced before. Marinated beef heart is one of Peru’s most famous delicacies so if you’re brave enough definitely try this dish.



 Anticuchos Peruanos

IMG_2604 Anticuchos Peruanos, cut. Look at the tenderness of the heart.


IMG_2605My aunt enjoying Peruvian corn (choclo)

Washing this down with another favorite; Inca Cola, a peruvian cola that is yellow, bubbly, and taste like bubble gum, we went onto the next phase, the main dish. I ordered the Pollo a la Brasa which is very similar to rotisserie chicken with a bang. It was served with Nazca’s house fries with yellow pepper black aioli and chimichurri sauce, my absolute favorite! My mom got Cabernet cilantro braised lamb shank with canary bean stew, potatoes and rice. So good, i love rice with stew.IMG_2637


My aunt ordered Chicharron de Mariscos which is pan fried squid rings on a bed of fish  fillet, rocoto pepper aioli, and Creole salsa. Although i did not try it, it looked awesome lol. At this point, I could not continue. My mom and I had started to order 1800 shots and chase them down with more piscos waiting for my cousins to come join the party. Once they arrived, they ordered papa rellena (potato dumplings stuffed with onion, raisins, ground beef, Roma tomatoes, and kalamata olives, topped with fresh Creole salsa) and other appetizers. We continued to drink. At this time it was getting late and the restaurant started to prepare the dance floor for salsa night. Completing my night with a double chocolate cake, i was ready to burn off everything!


Papa Rellena



My cousins: Lorena, enjoying the marinated beef heart (left) Elline, enjoying marinated steak fillet (right)

Chicharron de MariscosIMG_2666 2IMG_2667IMG_2609


The lights dimmed, the music started and in a matter of minutes couples took the floor to dance to bachata, salsa, and merengue. It was thrilling, took me back to the 90′s in the bronx when my grandmother use to throw down in the kitchen for her weekend parties. I missed this, its rare to experience this in Ohio so it was much appreciated. With the amounts of drinks in my system you know i had the confidence to dance to a couple favorites by Marc Anthony, I even had a dance partner who thought I was cute lol :) . He did a great job at leading me, i told myself that that was the only person who I could learn from lol.

If you’re in the Cleveland area I definitely recommend visiting NAZCA Restaurant in Cleveland. For more information on their location and to overlook their menu click here.

Enjoy your Tuesday Loves,


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Alexander Wang .x. H&M…

AHHHH, For my love for H&M! Alexander Wang announced during a Coachella this past weekend that he will be doing a collab with H&M. The collection will consist of apparel and accessories for both men and women and will also go beyonnnnnd fashion! The full collection will launch in 250 H&M stores this upcoming fall. Current release date is announced to be for November 6,2014.


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Coachella 2k14…

Hey Loves,

It’s Monday again and it’s raining but i refuse to let that affect the tempo of the rest of my week. So Coachella 2k14 has passed, sadly I did not get my tickets on time, they sold out in a matter of minutes, well at least thats how it felt. The three day festival took place in Indio, California and featured artist such as: OutKast, Ellie Goulding, A$AP Ferg, Aloe Blacc, Flastbush Zombies, ZZ Ward, HAIM, Girl Talk along with many other guest appearances. Here are my favorite recaps from this past year at Coachella 2k14.




OutKast Full Set 

Jhene Aiko and Drake 

A$AP Ferg 

Pharrell Williams with Gwen Stefani, Snoop Dogg, Nelly, Diddy, & Busta Rhymes

Nas Jay-Z Diddy





Pharrell & Gwen

Pharrell & Gwen

Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi

Beyonce & Solange

Beyonce & Solange






New Video: It’s On Again…

New Video: Alicia Keys Ft. Kendrick Lamar [Produced by Pharrell Williams]

Personally I love the old, corn rolls braided, beads in hair Alicia Keys. I strayed away from her a little because she became to commercialize but I couldn’t help but update you all on this because this track was produced by the great Pharrell and featured Kendrick Lamar.Enjoy the video below, tell me your thoughts.

From the Spider-Man 2 soundtrack.



Three generations…

History repeating itself. Mommy and Grandmother (left), her first steps. Some years later, me and my grandmother (my mommys mothers) and my first steps (right).


La historia se repite. Mi mama enseñandome mis primeros pasos. Años despues, mi mama enseñandole a mi hija! :-)

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Monster & Chanel…


Chanel leather headphones first appeared on Chanels last fall/winter 2014/15 collection presented in March during Paris fashion week. Then, the collaboration was not made official but here it is now!

Although i’m more into the rose gold frends taylor headphones, these are somewhat still chic despite their all black simple leather look. Its Chanel, come’ on lol. In this photo, the producer Swizz Beats and Karl Lagerfeld flaunt the signature collaboration of Monster with the fashion house of Chanel.

Theses headphones come complete with Chanel’s signature matelasse leather that holds their iconic signature logo. No info on any release date or price of the headphones.


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Dreamd Thoughts & Rants

Doing more of what you love…

Hey Loves, currently rambling.

Blame this post on the great weather we are having here in small town USA ‘Kent,OH,’ it promotes a happier, more enthusiastic me! Lol, but in all honestly, I love my blog. Shoutout to you because you are my baby. You are my outlet. When I started to trust myself more, i brought my journal writings to you and began sharing it with all of my readers in hopes of you guys getting a little more familiar with who I AM. When I did this, it made this so much more enjoyable. Anyways: 10:47p.m. my time, friday night. My idea of a good time has officially changed lol. Here it goes:

My mind has been craving for someone to challenge me, to teach me. I love to learn, learning expands. When you allow your mind to become a sponge you become open and humble to every experience and allow all shortcomings to come and pass as they need. Today my goal was to find another internship in San Francisco and to complete and update my resume and cover letters. I started by location, ended with three great choices to apply and completed them, to an extent. Something else grabbed my attention. I recently had a photo shoot with a Kent multi cultured magazine called ‘UHURU’ and actually had the great opportunity to be on their front page magazine titled ‘WE CAN DO IT! Overcoming Life’s Obstacles’ the articles within the magazine took about an hour out of my day until I moved onto tumblr which took about half my afternoon. My point: My mind is all over the place, all-the-time. I find something in everything, inspiration is everywhere. This is why I never understood the idea of not having a passport and taking advantage of traveling. Like jay-Z stated “You aint accustomed to going through customs you aint been nowhere.”

Until you have traveled to a place like Georgetown, Guyana or Lima, Peru or any other third-world, you haven’t gained a truly humbling life experience on appreciation for what is, and what’s not. I say my idea of a good time has changed because instead of doing the cliche spring break, Panama City Beach, Miami thing i chose a laid back trip to California. Surrounding myself with family, good food and scenery i got back to my self. I know I didn’t miss out on much when i liked my friends instagram posts on how their spring break was going down in South Beach, lol.

I love the young woman Im becoming because I’m more appreciative of the arts, more feminine, more enthusiastic about what matters to me. I asked this question, what matters to you? Theres a difference in the answers when you ask that, and what ‘SHOULD’ matter to you. Due to popular society, and cultural competitions, money, education, earning that higher position and creating a family is the basis of what should matter, or ultimately what ‘WILL’ matter. But right now, what maters to you? I love my blog, this is what matters to me, its my outlet. Traveling matters to me, meeting everyone i can start any conversation with, thats important to me; not for advancement. i honestly do not care about the economical benefits that accompany networking. I genuinely understand that i enjoy others and their company. I enjoy their struggles, their experiences; it broadens me, it humbles me. It has molded me into the individual i am creating myself to be.

This past thursday i spent the afternoon sitting on the side of a bike trail in Kent. The weather was beautiful, 70’s and clear skies. The wind was at its strongest but it wasn’t chilly. I was with two other good friends. We sat and conversed about this past weekends events and upcoming branding ideas when a professor and her three dogs came by and sat down  with us for about a good hour. She was beautiful in a sense that i loved her energy. She teaches women gender studies here at Kent and the topics she discussed with us then were mind blowing (more on that later, she actually invited us to sit in on one of her lectures) She sparked so much needed inspiration. She explained how many of us do not do what we love, or do not even know what we love because we are too consumed in electives and classes that don’t even pertain to what we love or what we aspire to do when we graduate.She explained that we need more classes, more electives that encourage you to get back to who you are; that encourage the building of creativity and ideas. Bottom Line: It was awesome and so was she.

What I got out of that was simply an emphasis on common sense lol, do more of what you love. It is vital: Living, music, your sexuality, your stregths, art, get back to reconnecting with the earth. It made me think about Cali (I know can I stop talking about my love for the Golden State lol) But the reason I have such a strong connection with the city of San Francisco is because of their eco-friendly vibes, the friendly people and the sunny days that promote a happier you, I’m just talking now but i hope you’re following lol.


Moral of this post is: DO WHAT YOU LOVE


What matters to you?

What maters to me: (not limited to) Im still learning. Learning what i love: Art, Music, Inidividual experiences, travel, writing, relationships, love , and happiness.


Notice money isn’t something that matters. It’s a plus but always try to find wealth in happiness first. Prioritize.

Me on the cover of 'UHURU' Kent State University

Me on the cover of ‘UHURU’ Kent State University

I forgot her name. This baby loved to take photo's. She's actually posing. She was so beautiful!

I forgot her name. This baby loved to take photo’s. She’s actually posing. She was so beautiful!

Jada enjoying the love

Jada enjoying the love

Over the summer 2k13. Georgetown, Guyana. South America. My most humbling experiences yet.

Over the summer 2k13. Georgetown, Guyana. South America. My most humbling experiences yet.