Rest in Peace to the beloved fashion icon Oscar de la Renta July 22, 1932- October 20, 2014

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Hey Loves! I’ve been celebrating my twenty-second birthday for the past ten days; starting in Columbus, Ohio on the twenty-six of July, followed by a celebration in New York City on my actual day of birth, July twenty-ninth, ending with amazing mental memories of ‘no picture type situations’ in the ‘6’ ¬†Toronto, Ontario. All in […]

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July twenty-second…

As many of you may know, twenty-two is drawing nearer and nearer. I take birthday celebrations very seriously lol. For myself, it’s like a new year– July twenty-ninth is my January first :) It’s a time to reflect, draw up plans, expectations and so on. This past year was beneficial but not as rewarding as […]

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My Year Summary…

  Hey Hunnies! Its Friday and I’m finally off with no real challenging homework to do. I’ve been thinking lately, a whole year has past (almost). A whole year of twenty-one has came and went and what is there to reflect on? Everyone has been going on about how 2014 is the year of the […]

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