Beyonce, Pharrell, Kerri Washington: TIME ’100 Most Influential People’ …

Being an American businesswoman, activist and writer and dropping her surprise self-titled visual album released this past December that shattered all music industry rules and sales records, there is no surprise here that Queen B made it (AGAIN) for a second year straight. Must be great :)


For 2014 Grammy Award-winner Pharrell Williams, the 41-year-old receives admiration from Justin Timberlake, who details why he chose The Neptunes producer to work on his 2002 debut LP Justified. “When I decided to work on my first solo album in 2002, Pharrell was the first musician I spoke to. I was 21 and ready to say something to the world. But I needed someone to help me translate exactly what that something was. I knew from our first conversation that he was that person.tumblr_n4jbyen2Ql1qd1swho1_500

In a world that too often tells little girls to choose between womanhood and success, between femininity and a seat at the head of the table, both onscreen and off Kerry Washington embodies the promise that lives in all our young people to shape their own destinies and succeed as “gladiators” for the causes in which they believe.

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4a.m. thoughts…

There is so much beauty in this world. And by beauty I mean something that conjures such emotion within with such innocence and deity. Life. It’s a crazy and beautiful thing. Often times I try to sit back and figure this thing out and it kills me that I never will. But that’s the beauty of it right? Only time will tell. Nature has so much to offer to the soul. It’s nourishing, refreshing, and pleasing. Aesthetically I think nature pleases the soul when it flourishes, it symbolizes harmony and health. If nature is sick and dying, it’s not so beautiful is it? Same with people. Normally, beauty is partially determined by health. A healthy, thriving person looks more attractive than a sickly, depressed one. The same with a Tree, or a forest, or an ecosystem. I think we relate it to ourselves. Each of us, and each animal or plant, is a miniature analogy for the larger ecosystem we are part of. That sort of pattern pleases. I get on some sort of high just when I go outside and intake fresh air into my lungs (some may call it cabin fever or maybe I was a dog in my past life). To release all worries and sit on a patch of mother nature appreciating the beauty it offers is one of my favorite ways to spend my time. Stars, flowers, bark, the cool breeze whistling and gently kissing your skin, I love it all. I can see myself thirty years from now being that fifty year old tree hugging grandmother. 

4am insomniac signing out…

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Steps to bettering you…

Hey Loves,

It’s Monday, again and we’re getting closer to the end of the semester and warmer weather. As many of you may not know, I enrolled myself in a fitness class this semester (worth one credit), bootcamp. I honestly did not know what I was doing, whether I was loosing weight or even if I was building up my endurance until the other day when I noticed a slight change. I can finally do a push-up lol, well I can do a couple now. I can also finally keep up with the rest of the class, and lately I’ve been the first one to complete tasks that our fitness coach has set out for us to do for the 55 minutes we do have in class.

A little late, I probably should have started my 21 days of detox when the class began but better late than never :)

Three weeks ago I started an ALL FRUIT DETOX, where the majority of what I ate was: apples, mangos, grapes, pineapples, plums and so on. I’d end the “eating” day with tilapia or a light serving of chicken breast, baked. Honestly, it wasn’t so bad, but I changed a few things as I went lol. What I got most out of the 21 days of detox was an understanding of how to watch what you eat, I can enjoy fruit as a healthier alternative snack, and that I can choose smaller portions.  My day-to-day to do’s have changed as well. Here’s a typical weekday for me, hope this helps someone out in their journey to become a healthier, happier you :)E



Waking Up (is the First Step) :

  • Schedule your mornings early. Everyday now I wake up at 9a.m. even if I don’t have class till later on in the day. Get your body adjusted to a set time.
  • When you do this, just watch. you’ll start to get in the habit of getting things done early instead of setting them aside for the later hours.
  • What I do: Take a minute, pray. I meditate, meaning I become conscious about my day, I map out my day and get my thoughts ready for the day. Its relaxing. I then do all the necessary morning to do’s and then create my to do’s for the day.

Breakfast (IS IMPORTANT):

  • (DONT MISS OUT ON THIS) For my detox and beyond lol, I boiled 3 organic eggs every morning and had a slice of wheat toast with it on the side.
  • I kept my detox strictly on drinking water, so I’d grab a bottle water, add half teaspoon of cayenne pepper and 2 table spoons of lemon juice to it and shake it! This actually works and energizes you.
  • I found that when i start my day with healthier habits, the rest of my day follows :) So either drink water or graba NAKED!
  • If you are still hungry, add apples or other fruits to your meal.

It’s the little choices you make that make a big difference:

  • After breakfast, I get ready and then walk to class (if time permits)
  • It’s the little things you do. Instead of taking the bus, walk. Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs. You get the point. The weather is changing, so whats your excuse not to?
  • If you get hungry throughout the day, grab an apple. i found out that i actually really enjoy green apples. I eat that when ever I can now.
  • Hydrate yourself. When you are hungry, try drinking a bottle of water. Wait a few minutes then eat. It fills you up so you don’t tend to over eat :)

Tips on enjoying your day, even when you’re stuck in class:

  • I know it may be difficult to actually pay attention in a class like Physics or Communication Research and Methods. I would know, those are my struggle classes lol. But try to take away one thing from your classes, daily.
  • I realized I’m paying for school lol, and although Physics is not something that is beneficial to my major, I still have to complete it with a good grade point. Realizing this i set a goal for myself: Leave each class with a better understanding of something, or leave class learning something new. Just one thing for me, lol. Isn’t that what school is for *rolls eyes*
  • Socialize. Be friendly, smile and laugh. Get to know others. Like i stated earlier about my goal to converse with a stranger, you never know what you may learn from talking to someone new.
  • Allow your self to have a break, even when you have a lot on your plate. With your morning meditation, revert back to that. Take a  moment to assess you daily goal and to relax for a second.
  • Write. This is what I enjoy most. Make it a goal to write once a day, even if you have nothing to write about. It sparks creative writing and it helps me silence my racing thoughts :)

Work/ School days over, now what?

  • I refer to my original to-do list, try to get the remaining of your things done before you move on. Stuff like, homework, blogging, and other things constitute for my regulars.
  • After that, I may chose to go to the gym, depending if I didn’t have bootcamp workouts. When i go to the gym, i do the treadmill run for 10 minutes straight, do some ab workouts and try to get some arm workouts in between with a couple dumbbells.
  • My goal was an active 30 minutes total in the gym, everyday except Sunday. Sunday was my chill day lol.
  • After, shower and prepare dinner. I cut out eating dinner or anything after 8p.m.
  • For dinner I’d make a light serving of tilapia with spinach and drink a glass of water. If I was still hungry, I’d have some fruit. It sounds tough, but honestly what I learned is that it’s all mental. It is unbearable, its just like conditioning the mind.

By this time it’s probably 10p.m.

  • After everything is done and i’m free, i enjoy watching a movie on net flicks, writing or reading. I just brought 5 more must reads, i’ll share with you all later :)
  • Try getting your body use to a schedule, or routine. It helps with your detox and dieting.


I may have forgotten a few things so i’ll add later if I come up with more tips :) Enjoy a happier, healthier you. Its monday, what other perfect day to start than today :)

Oh, before i forget. My weekly goal for this week is to spend less time on social media and actually enjoy the weather. Cliche, but just by putting my phone on do not disturb for a couple hours, I’m going to try to take more walks without the unnecessary distractions. What’s your weekly goal this week, please share!



Soy Peruana…

To celebrate my Peruvian heritage i’d like to give you all a little recap of my saturday night out with family. My mother surprised me with a visit and told me I had fifteen minutes to get ready, she said “we’re going dancing.” The one thing I do love about Cleveland is what little culture they do have, and its latin culture is present depending on which side of town you are on. My mother took us to a restaurant named “Nazca” a restaurant that specialized in Peruvian cuisine. For many of you who do not know, Peru is best known throughout the world for its food, so you know when we arrived i did not hesitate when Monica told us to “order whatever, we never have the chance to eat this everyday.”

In any typical Peruvian setting, dinner is typically started off with an alcoholic drink so we went with the traditional Pisco Sour. Pisco is the national drink of Peru. It’s a kind of brandy, a delicious combination of pisco, lime juice, egg white and syrup with a touch of cinnamon. IMG_2581
Next, for an appetizer I ordered another nationally known dish called Causa Rellena with crab meat instead of the traditional chicken. This dish simply defined is potato layered on top of crab meat mixed with belgian hot pepper paste and avocado. My mother and my aunt went with a more risky choice called Anticuchos Peruanos, marinated beef heart. This dish was marinated in panca pepper, with a side of papa a la huancaina (potatoes with a delicious creamy yellow sauce made from peruvian yellow pepper, mixed with milk, feta cheese and eggs)  and the nationally known Peruvian corn (choclo) . From being tricked into thinking it was a steak kabob sometime in the past, I can admit that it was very different, extremely tender, almost odd because it’s nothing that you’ve ever experienced before. Marinated beef heart is one of Peru’s most famous delicacies so if you’re brave enough definitely try this dish.



 Anticuchos Peruanos

IMG_2604 Anticuchos Peruanos, cut. Look at the tenderness of the heart.


IMG_2605My aunt enjoying Peruvian corn (choclo)

Washing this down with another favorite; Inca Cola, a peruvian cola that is yellow, bubbly, and taste like bubble gum, we went onto the next phase, the main dish. I ordered the Pollo a la Brasa which is very similar to rotisserie chicken with a bang. It was served with Nazca’s house fries with yellow pepper black aioli and chimichurri sauce, my absolute favorite! My mom got Cabernet cilantro braised lamb shank with canary bean stew, potatoes and rice. So good, i love rice with stew.IMG_2637


My aunt ordered Chicharron de Mariscos which is pan fried squid rings on a bed of fish  fillet, rocoto pepper aioli, and Creole salsa. Although i did not try it, it looked awesome lol. At this point, I could not continue. My mom and I had started to order 1800 shots and chase them down with more piscos waiting for my cousins to come join the party. Once they arrived, they ordered papa rellena (potato dumplings stuffed with onion, raisins, ground beef, Roma tomatoes, and kalamata olives, topped with fresh Creole salsa) and other appetizers. We continued to drink. At this time it was getting late and the restaurant started to prepare the dance floor for salsa night. Completing my night with a double chocolate cake, i was ready to burn off everything!


Papa Rellena



My cousins: Lorena, enjoying the marinated beef heart (left) Elline, enjoying marinated steak fillet (right)

Chicharron de MariscosIMG_2666 2IMG_2667IMG_2609


The lights dimmed, the music started and in a matter of minutes couples took the floor to dance to bachata, salsa, and merengue. It was thrilling, took me back to the 90′s in the bronx when my grandmother use to throw down in the kitchen for her weekend parties. I missed this, its rare to experience this in Ohio so it was much appreciated. With the amounts of drinks in my system you know i had the confidence to dance to a couple favorites by Marc Anthony, I even had a dance partner who thought I was cute lol :) . He did a great job at leading me, i told myself that that was the only person who I could learn from lol.

If you’re in the Cleveland area I definitely recommend visiting NAZCA Restaurant in Cleveland. For more information on their location and to overlook their menu click here.

Enjoy your Tuesday Loves,


Fashion Trend

Alexander Wang .x. H&M…

AHHHH, For my love for H&M! Alexander Wang announced during a Coachella this past weekend that he will be doing a collab with H&M. The collection will consist of apparel and accessories for both men and women and will also go beyonnnnnd fashion! The full collection will launch in 250 H&M stores this upcoming fall. Current release date is announced to be for November 6,2014.


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Coachella 2k14…

Hey Loves,

It’s Monday again and it’s raining but i refuse to let that affect the tempo of the rest of my week. So Coachella 2k14 has passed, sadly I did not get my tickets on time, they sold out in a matter of minutes, well at least thats how it felt. The three day festival took place in Indio, California and featured artist such as: OutKast, Ellie Goulding, A$AP Ferg, Aloe Blacc, Flastbush Zombies, ZZ Ward, HAIM, Girl Talk along with many other guest appearances. Here are my favorite recaps from this past year at Coachella 2k14.




OutKast Full Set 

Jhene Aiko and Drake 

A$AP Ferg 

Pharrell Williams with Gwen Stefani, Snoop Dogg, Nelly, Diddy, & Busta Rhymes

Nas Jay-Z Diddy





Pharrell & Gwen

Pharrell & Gwen

Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi

Beyonce & Solange

Beyonce & Solange






New Video: It’s On Again…

New Video: Alicia Keys Ft. Kendrick Lamar [Produced by Pharrell Williams]

Personally I love the old, corn rolls braided, beads in hair Alicia Keys. I strayed away from her a little because she became to commercialize but I couldn’t help but update you all on this because this track was produced by the great Pharrell and featured Kendrick Lamar.Enjoy the video below, tell me your thoughts.

From the Spider-Man 2 soundtrack.



Three generations…

History repeating itself. Mommy and Grandmother (left), her first steps. Some years later, me and my grandmother (my mommys mothers) and my first steps (right).


La historia se repite. Mi mama enseñandome mis primeros pasos. Años despues, mi mama enseñandole a mi hija! :-)